Advanced Turbo Chair Fitness Power Seated Exercise | 48 Minutes | Fast 150 BPM | Sit Workout Get Fit

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Advanced Turbo Chair Fitness Power Workout is a fast pace seated cardio exercise workout for those who need to sit exercise and get fit, but need to be challenged! The beats are at a constant 150 BPM combine with basic seated exercise cardio moves such as marching, step touches, seated jumping jacks, chest presses, knee lifts, ab crunches, drills and more. This is not your grandma or grandpa chair workout! This is a great seated fitness workout for people recovering from an injury and want to keep their exercise workouts intense while seated.


It is recommended that you should exercise at least 20 minutes a day. This will help you to be healthy and fit. What is meant by being fit? To be healthy and fit is to be able to do everyday chores without a struggle. By exercising daily this will help you to achieve wellness. That is a healthy mind soul and body. By exercising your mental state become sharper resulting in you thinking clearer and making better decisions. Your emotional state become more stable, thus you will be living in wellness. You can visit my website for more health and fitness tips.

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