Jamie Campbell Bower Shares a Message on Sobriety: “I Promise You There’s a Way”


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Image Source: Getty / Tommaso Boddi

Jamie Campbell Bower is expressing gratitude. The actor, who most recently appeared as Henry Creel, Vecna, and One in “Stranger Things,” tweeted on July 27 about celebrating seven and a half years of sobriety. Bower also shared that, prior to getting sober, his struggle with addiction led to his hospitalization after a mental health crisis.

“I’m so grateful to be where I am, I’m so grateful to be sober. I’m so grateful to be.”

“12 and a half years ago I was in active addiction. Hurting myself and those around me who I loved the most . . . I have made many mistakes in my life,” Bower said before sharing his sobriety milestone.

In a follow-up, tweet, Bower encouraged his followers who might be struggling to not give up hope: “Each day is a chance to start again. Atone for mistakes and grow. For anyone who wakes up thinking ‘oh god not again’ I promise you there’s a way. I’m so grateful to be where I am, I’m so grateful to be sober. I’m so grateful to be. Remember, we are all works in progress.”

Bower has been open about his sobriety before, primarily in a 2019 interview with i-D. “I’m in recovery, so one of the first things that they teach you when you’re in recovery is to be super honest about what it is that you’re feeling, like guilt, shame, fear, sadness, whatever it is,” he said at the time. “The most important thing is, and it’s the hardest thing to do, is just express exactly what it is that you’re feeling.” The song “It Gets Better,” which Bower released with his band Counterfeit, also alludes to his recovery experience.

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