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How do you (or we in this instance) write a climbing training plan? In this video, coach and founder Ollie Torr walks us through his 3 steps that you can follow if you want to write your own plan, covering; Before and After, Timescales, and Order, Movement & Sessions.

Intro: (0:00)
Step 1 – Before and after: (0:18)
Step 2 – Timescale: (2:12)
Step 3 – Order, movement, sessions: (5:27)
Considerations: (16:08)
Periodisation: (18:18)
Outro: (21:06)

Step one – Before and After – Where are you now and where do you want to be? A couple of ways of measuring the before and after are grades, testing and movement.

Step two – Timescale of the plan. This section talks about the mesocycles (typically a month) and macrocycles (typically a year to 4 years). By addressing the before and after, we can now look at what will be needed to get there, with consideration to seasons, gains desired and priorities; This will impact the final goals you are working towards.

Step three – The third and final step that Ollie covers is Order, Movement, and Sessions. At this stage, we can now look at how to order your training, plus which movements and sessions you might want to include, and how to choose those. Various topics covered here include time available, rest days (these are vital), equipment and facilities available to you, training partners, etc.

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