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Dr. Mia Edgar

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Dr. Mia Edgar is an Active Duty Navy Physician that has a B.S. in Biochemistry and M.D. from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. Her passion for fitness, nutrition and weightlifting began in medical school and ramped up when she started competitively competing in the functional fitness space in 2016. She continued to compete at Semi-finals on a team and as an individual for 5 years. Recently, she transitioned to Bodybuilding and competes in the NPC Figure Division.

Currently, she is serving as an Undersea Medical Officer and essentially acts as a Primary Care Provider for Submariners, Divers and Special Operators. She helps advise her patient’s not only on acute injuries but ways to improve their metabolic health in challenging, austere environments. She plans to apply for an Anesthesiology Residency this winter. Mia loves to dispel faulty wellness information that infects social media fitness and nutrition spaces.

‘Bodybuilding.com has been a great resource to add to my knowledge base after being in the functional fitness space for so long. Stepping on stage with BB.com’s help made it a much easier transition into this new space and I love being able to meld the two worlds together for the gym-goer looking to improve their health and strength. America needs all the evidence-based knowledge right now to help simplify the confusing wellness and health communities.’

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