Quick Fitness Workout

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Starting the day with a cheerful morning workout can boost kids’ energy and keep them in a good mood all day! Today’s series features a good combination of exercises, working the arms, legs and abs, completed by a little cardio!

After exercising earlier in the day, people tend to feel better, rather than feeling tired. This is related to the operation of our metabolism, since the body naturally presents a peak of energy after a good night of sleep. Leading to an interesting conclusion: everything is connected! If you sleep well, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a good exercise session. Then, magically, at the end of the day, you will be guaranteed a good night’s sleep, and the cycle will be complete!

Experience this new morning workout today and make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to receive new videos. Starting this week, we’re uploading new workouts from Monday to Saturday! Good luck and let’s begin the exercise! 💪


00:00 Back Turns
00:50 Rest
01:12 Torso Rotation
02:10 Rest
02:33 Waist Pinchers Left
03:14 Rest
03:36 Waist Pinchers Right
04:17 Rest
05:04 Back Turns
05:54 Rest
06:17 Torso Rotation
07:15 Rest
07:38 Waist Pinchers Left
08:18 Waist Pinchers Right
09:00 Rest
09:47 Split Jumps
10:32 Rest
10:59 Squat
11:49 Rest
12:17 Side Leg Raise Left
13:05 Side Leg Raise Right
13:53 Rest
14:40 Split Jumps
15:25 Rest
15:53 Squat
16:43 Rest
17:10 Side Leg Raise Left
17:58 Side Leg Raise Right
18:46 Rest
19:34 Ski Hops
20:23 Rest
20:50 Side Lunge Windmill
21:41 Rest
22:09 Standing Crunch
23:02 Rest
23:30 Overhead Reach
24:21 Rest
25:09 Ski Hops
25:57 Rest
26:25 Side Lunge Windmill
27:16 Rest
27:43 Standing Crunch
28:37 Rest
29:04 Overhead Reach
29:56 Rest
30:43 Leg Lifts
31:24 Rest
31:46 Reverse Crunches
32:33 Rest
32:55 Reach Through
33:41 Rest
34:18 Leg Lifts
34:58 Rest
35:21 Reverse Crunches
36:08 Rest
36:30 Reach Through
37:15 Rest
37:53 Leg Lifts
38:33 Rest
38:56 Reverse Crunches
39:42 Rest
40:05 Reach Through


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