Why Ab Workouts Are A Waste Of Time (DO THIS INSTEAD!)

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Why “Six Pack Ab Workouts” Are A Waste Of Time – In today’s video I explain why the typical “10 minute ab workout” routines that you find plastered all over YouTube are ultimately a waste of time if your goal is to lose belly fat and achieve a defined set of six pack abs. It’s not that ab TRAINING should be avoided – the problem is this misguided notion that the abs are some sort of “unique” muscle that should be trained in some special way and that you need to be dedicating your time to entire dedicated ab workouts. The abs are a muscle just like any other and so the same basic muscle building principles apply. There’s no need to perform endless ab exercises with hundreds of reps at a time, since spot reducing fat isn’t possible and the only goal of ab training is to hypertrophy the abdominals in order to make them stand out more visibly. That can be done with just a few basic ab exercises added into you regular training plan and you don’t need an entire “six pack ab workout” performed multiple days a week or even every day. The problem though is that so many people are searching for the “best ab workout” or thinking that some gimmicky “flat stomach workout” is going to lean down their midsection in a matter of days, and that’s why all these popular channels such as Chloe Ting, Athlean-X, Blogilates, Chris Heria, V-Shred and more are constantly uploading these ab routines to YouTube even though the videos themselves aren’t that helpful for the intended goal. Hope you find this video helpful today and if you have any comments in regards to ab training workouts or how to get a six pack then be sure to leave them down below.

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