Do This Every Morning To Lose Fat and Get Abs

Fitness Workout for Women

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Strengthen and tone your core with this quick 20 minute workout, perfect to fit in your morning routine and make you feel accomplished for the day ahead. Thanks to Pronamel for sponsoring a portion of this video. #pronamelpartner

Make sure to do this workout for 14 days for best results! If any of the exercises are too quick or challenging for you, make sure to create your own substitute or walk on the spot. The goal is to get your heart rate up and keep it up in the fat burning zone for as long as possible.

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Workout Stats:
Apple Watch Setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 185
Length: 20 Mins
Level of Intensity: 9/10

If you’ve read this far, let me know by sharing in the comments if you prefer standing or lying down ab workouts, and don’t forget to track your progress in the comments!



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