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In this video, I offer, for FREE, a two-week bodyweight workout plan. It’s a calisthenics training program composed of basic and essential bodyweight exercises and easy programming. It is highly effective for overall physical development: strength, endurance, stamina, and muscles.

The training plan consists of 4 workout sessions a week, varying from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It’s a very challenging workout structure, covering all angles.

Although calisthenics doesn’t necessitate equipment or apparatus, you will need a set of gymnastic rings and a jump rope to enroll in this workout plan properly. Nonetheless, even for pull-ups or dips, you generally need a solid overhead bar, called a pull-up bar, and probably, a dip station as well. Many use for dips two chairs and replace a pull-up bar with gymnastic rings or something solid to hang off without touching the ground with his toes. You can get as creative as you want.

Other than that, this calisthenics program requires mostly determination and seriousness.

The first week of workouts:
Day 1: 00:37
Day 2: 01:40
Day 3: 05:30
Day 5: 08:26

The second week of training:
Day 1: 10:57
Day 2: 13:28
Day 4: 14:31

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