4 Minute Abs | Beginner Six Pack Ab Workout for Men & Women

Fitness Workout for Men

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In this video I take you through an ab workout designed with the beginner in mind, to go at a high intensity in a short 4 minutes to help you lose that unwanted bit of belly fat or just tone up your stomach. This abs workout consists of just 4 exercises that will hit all areas of your abs.

All you need is yourself for this workout, there is absolutely no equipment required – so grab a mat, and let’s kill this together!

Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds on with a 15 second rest before moving into the next:

– Plank Jacks
– Heel Taps
– Flutter Kicks
– Floor Wipers

If you liked this ab workout be sure to leave a thumbs up below and let me know down in the comments so I know to make more videos just like this one!

Thanks for watching, see you in the next video!

4 Minute Abs | Beginner Ab Workout for Men & Women


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Intro Song: Always Have by Castor Troy

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