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Fitness Workout for Women

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50 Minute Killer Compound Strength Workout – Whoa! I always love a good compound strength workout as it’s the primary way I get my heartrate up and it FEELS like I’m doing cardio, but without any cardio! It’s a brilliant bang for your buck and so good for fat burning and muscle building, all at the same time. Women over 40 should definitely be lifting weights, and these compound exercises are a great addition to any resistance program!
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You will need: a variety of dumbbells
Format: 45/15

Side lunge front lunge press
Curtsy lunge crunch
Lateral raise squat
Pushup DB pass
Chest flye bicycles
Circle chest press glute bridge
The Monica
Single DB deadlift to overhead press
Starfish abs to small package
Plie triceps overhead extension
Reverse lunge to front raise
Clean & snatch
Squat reach to tip toe
Plie squat bicep curl
Butterfly sit up press
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*Calorie burn is really specific to each body and generally the margin of error is between 15-25%. So, take it with a grain of salt and certainly don’t compensate with overindulging. The number on the thumbnail is what I have burned according to my Apple Watch 4.

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