40 MIN Upper Body Push Workout // DAY 1 HR12WEEK 2.0

Fitness Workout

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This Upper Body Push Workout is just what we need to get my new 12 week workout program started! The focus today is on the chest, triceps and shoulders mixing dumbbell strength exercises with cardio burst for a solid sweat sesh. I can’t wait for you to get started!! #HR12WEEK #upperbodyworkout #HomeWorkout

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Equipment Needed
Dumbbells: I used 5, 10 and 15lb sets + a single 25lb
Exercise mat or other soft surface. The Mat I use: https://lululemon.prf.hn/l/Kj00Lb1

Upper Body Push Workout:
0:00 Intro
2:13 Warm Up

6:16 Circuit 1 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Front + Side Raise
T-Push Up
Tricep Press
Weighted Jacks

14:16 Circuit 2 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Skull Crusher
Chest Press
Pike Push Up Combo
Shadow Box

22:29 Circuit 3 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Tricep Kickbacks
Push Press
Tricep Push Up
Inchworm + Hop

30:29 Circuit 4 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Laying Tricep Press (R)
Laying Tricep Press (L)
Walking Plank
Burpee Clap

38:29 Cool Down & Stretch

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This is my own personal workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk.


Thanks for watching!

❤ Heather

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