Home Body Workout with No Equipment

Fitness Workout for Men

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no equipment needed, build muscles and tone your body at home! Want to build muscles, get toned and stay fit? Home Workout for Men to tone and strengthen your body, and get six pack abs at home without needing any equipment.

0:00 Glute Bridge With Marching
0:55 Frog Crunches
1:50 Handwalk & Push-up
3:00 Shoulder Tap
3:55 Squat side kick
4:50 Sprinter Lunge
5:45 Reverse plank
6:40 Plank with arm Raise
7:35 Star Crunch
8:30 Push-Up Ver.2
9:25 Dips with Chair
10:20 Windmill

The Home Workout:
-Arms workouts
-Chest workouts
-Abs workouts
-Legs workouts
-Shoulders & back workouts
All the exercises are designed by experts to ensure they’re scientifically-proven to be effective. No need to go to the gym, and no need for a coach. Very suitable for those who desire a sculpted chest, strong arms and six pack abs but rarely go to the gym.

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