WEEK OF WORKOUTS | My Workout Routine | 4 Day Workout Split | Workouts for Women

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WEEK OF WORKOUTS | My Workout Routine | 4 Day Workout Split | Workouts for Women
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Hi Everyone! We just hit 100K! love you ALL! thank you for being here!
Enjoy my full week of workouts! I train 5 days a week but took monday as an extra rest day as i was traveling home from my bff’s wedding!! It happens and i still had some great training sessions! I even hit a new PR!!!

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Day Two:
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Day Three:
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Day Four:
-Black Studio Leggings: https://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-BlackStudioLegging
-Orange Studio Bra: https://gym.sh/Shop-Brittany-Lupton-OrangeStudioBra

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xo, Britt

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