Questified Frosted Cookie Cups


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All we know at the Quest blog about cookies is that we love them. But since our hunger for cookies is matched only by our thirst for knowledge, we must find out more. More about the cookie and its humble origins. More about the cookie and the great heights to which it has risen. We may have to write this book ourselves. When we do, count on more than a few kind words about these Questified Frosted Cookie Cups. A cool cookie treat in more ways than one.

Check out the full recipe below:



Yields: 10 servings |  Serving Size: One Cookie Cup

Calories: 84 | Protein: 2g  | Fat: 6g | Net Carb: 8g

Total Carb: 12g   | Sugar: 0g




  1. Chop the frosted cookie into small crumbles and set aside.
  2. Place the chocolate and coconut oil into a microwave safe glass and cook on high for 30 seconds, stir and then cook for an additional 15 seconds and melted.
  3. Fill 10 mini cupcake liners ½ way with chocolate. Top with crumbles and then fill with remaining chocolate. Top with sprinkles and chill until solid.

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