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Fitness Workout for Women

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What does Kimmyfitnesslive group exercise look like? Well here we go… this is my online world of group exercise.
Workouts are focused around our woman body- low impact- high impact- period workouts- postnatal – prenatal—- you name it.

Modifications are always provided—- this is just my rule—- exercise is for everyone and there is not one way that fits all.

If you want to join my online exercise classes please head to and subscribe

You will want to invest in some weights and resistance bands- because you will just love it & you will want that extra challenge. Plussssss weights are so beautiful for our body- our metabolism- bone density- we need to weight train- we need to do cardio- Pilates is just the bomb- and my barre- is fat from technical but Absolutely 🔥
Monday Wednesday & fridays are our superfit days- so 🤟🏼💪🏼… Tues & Thursday are all Inspired from my Instagram

Big love and hopefully see you soon.


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